February 21 capricorn horoscope

Just keep working on your vision. Your insecurities could be triggered today which could have you wondering if you're good enough when it comes to your art or creative gifts or your romantic life. The key here is acknowledge what you feel but to focus on what you want rather than what you don't. You are loved. When it comes to helping or caring for others, take care that you don't over extend yourself today. Remember, your worth isn't determined by how much you do for other people. Now's the time where you need to save a little something for yourself.

In terms of hitting your goals know that you don't have to be perfect. You just need to work on doing as best as you can and allowing that to be good enough. With the combination of courage, smarts, and creativity that you possess there's nothing you can't accomplish.

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You might be feeling a bit antsy today and ready to jump into something new, but know now's not the time for making hasty decisions or giving in to instant gratification, especially in terms of love and romance. Think about the long-term and have patience with the process.

Home and family could be a sore spot for you today, pushing you to vent or connect with your friends. Remember, family is what you make it, so seek out those that make you feel wanted and welcome. Now's the time to find your tribe, whatever that might look like. Home is where you are. You will find yourself viewing your love life with renewed vigour and understanding. A tendency to think pessimistically may make things murky.

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You love to play mother goose to those in trouble, but won't be quite as efficient dealing with problems of your own, says Ganesha. Today, you will look more presentable than ever, predicts Ganesha. At work, you will employ new business strategies to succeed. By evening, you will give a demo of your supreme sense for style, especially when it comes to dressing up.

Your spouse will be enamoured by your new avtaar.

Today, your loved ones will prove again how much they love you. It's high time you stopped doubting the intentions of your family members.

It's time to start over, start afresh and start giving back the love and trust that your loved ones give you. The long hours you've spent alone are nearing their end, says Ganesha, as the stars align to help you find that special someone; chances are that today shall be the beginning of an enduring romantic relationship for you.

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This sense of personal joy will spill over into your workplace as well, and will keep you in cheerful spirits. But avoid any confrontation with people around you, especially neighbours and acquaintances, suggests Ganesha. There is an important turning point about to reveal itself in relationships and how they will proceed. Ganesha sees you busying yourself in arranging a get-together with friends and family. In the evening, the opposite sex will make a whale of a difference between optimism and despair. For every matter, there is a particular solution unique to it.

With your systematic approach to things, you are a firm believer of this statement.

And it is a good thing too, since today, this habit shall help you grab the limelight at work, says Ganesha. In the second-half of the day, your eye for detail will go a long way in enhancing your insight.

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You will spend the evening buying electronic gadgets: the latest cellphone or music player, you have your eyes set on something along those lines today. According to the Capricorn horoscope , love is active this month in your life since February is deemed as the month of love. The planet Venus will enhance your loving nature and beauty making you attractive to the opposite sex. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

Capricorn compatibility predicts that singles will easily enter into romantic relationships this month.

The moon is in Capricorn today.

There is no room for a couple fighting this month as love is in the air. The when will I get pregnant horoscope will be at work, and Capricorn children will be heard crying towards the end of the year. Love is a beautiful thing for the Capricorn zodiac sign this month, and nothing can disrupt the same.

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According to the Capricorn horoscope predictions for , the welfare of your family will be pleasant this year. Laughter will be felt in all corners of your home as peace and harmony reigns supreme. The elders will have no choice but to bless you for the efforts you make daily towards the wellbeing of your family as a whole. What Color Matches Your Personality?