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As Venus, your ruler, settles into a new sector of the sky, your feelings are intensified.

Taurus Daily Love And Relationship Horoscope

So what are you supposed to do with them? You can't just put them away until a situation changes. You need to acknowledge them so that they're able to inform your choice.

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Yet there's someone else involved, who has strong feelings too. Can you just ignore their views and insist that yours are upheld? You have the gift of being able to negotiate through a jungle of complicated emotions today. If you found this forecast helpful, imagine how much more I can tell you with more information from you.

Taurus Horoscope - Daily

With your full birth details I can tell with surprising accuracy, what's likely to happen in your life going forward and I can reveal to you so much about why you are, the way you are. Treat yourself. Download your personal chart now! Read your General, Money and Love Forecasts here. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

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This path is called the Zodiac and the Zodiac Signs which compose it are given animal names essentially. The Zodiac is divided into twelve parts, also called Astrological Signs, marking the houses of the Sun during each month of the year. The Zodiac Signs once coincided with the constellations that gave them their name. It takes 25, years for the Sun to make a complete turn.

Taurus Horoscope 12222 Month by Month

The Sun remains years in each sign, the time of an era. The Zodiac has had great importance since antiquity: calendars, holiday dates, determination of the era. The era of Taurus began about 6, years ago, then came the era of Aries, then the era of Pisces. At the present time, we have entered into the era of Aquarius.

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  6. The astrology of the west is mainly interested in the sun and the planets of the solar system, in order to predict earthly events. Astrology and making a horoscope chart, is a divinatory practice, widespread in all civilizations Maya, Arabic, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Western since ancient times. In the West, astrology has been sometimes condemned, sometimes accepted by the Christian religion and by scientists. It was practiced in royal courts. Nostradamus is famous for his predictions and they are still published today.

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    The Aquarius era contains qualities that belong to the Zodiac Sign Aquarius and the Aquarius Era, such as: Transformation, Unity, Holism, Love, Acceptance, Charity, Experiencing freedom and free will People will slowly become more aware of the above qualities and integrate them into themselves. This can be done, for example, by means of healing, in which old patterns and layers of consciousness from the Era of Pisces can be transformed. To get a complete picture of your day, you can now draw your Daily Tarot Card.

    By combining your Daily Card with your Daily Horoscope, you will get a more complete picture of the life lessons you can learn today.

    Taurus September 2019: They Are Coming Correct Taurus ❤

    It's fun to try to interpret the Tarot card in combination with your Daily Horoscope. At the end of the day, look back and review your Daily horoscope and Daily Tarot Card.

    Zodiac Signs

    The more you practice this, the more you'll be able to interpret the cards and gain knowledge about yourself. Good luck! Your card is today:. Daily Horoscope Wednesday 9 October Previous day. Daily Horoscope Aries.

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