Taurus man relationship horoscope

These guys really appreciate being alone. Now that doesn't necessarily mean they WANT to be alone, but if you know a Taurus man, you know that he is just fine doing his own thang. Take it as an opportunity to have your own interests and do your own things that he doesn't want to do OK, so Taurus men are perfectionists. Seriously, they are. Whether it be a gut feeling about the day or it be him taking a little extra long to get ready to go out who doesn't want to look GOOD?!

But don't worry These guys really are super-introspective people, so they aren't about to go telling the whole world about their problems. Many Taurus men are super private when it comes to the personal parts of their life, so much of it they'd rather keep to themselves.

Why You Should Date Taurus Men - Taurus Horoscope *THE TEA

If you want to be that person they open up to, it's going to take a while to gain their trust. They desire a simple, organized life with a handful of people they know and love What more could a man ask for?

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In all seriousness, KISS keep it simple, stupid. If you can do that, he'll be a happy, happy man.

Money & Career

And speaking of happy man, despite a few of his little quirks, he really knows how to be loyal. In other words, you're his best friend. He can be an old-school kind of man who will open doors for you and turn up with a corsage as a first-date gift. Thoughtful and sweet, with big, sad eyes, his is a slow, shy kind of charm. His overall goal in life is to have a cozy home, a warm hearth, a true partner, and a good life.

A steady routine and emotional stability suit the Taurus man just fine. He likes knowing what to expect from his career, life, and love. Earthy, ribald, and lusty, the Taurus man grabs life and love by the throat and laps it all up.

Taurus Man Personality - Characteristics & Nature

Extremely sensual and physical, he responds better to a gentle touch than to a cracking whip. Galloping headfirst into love and relationships, he is a man in love with love. His temper is a symptom of his deep underlying passion, if you can get beneath that thick hide of his. The Bull is no good at love games. Ruled by Venus, the Taurus man demonstrates a surprising romanticism when in a relationship, although his form of romance is of a simple variety.

He will choose a partner who is his best friend, herd mate, and lover to spend the rest of his life with. He enjoys the consistency and closeness of being in a relationship and will persevere in trying to make things work. He does not give away his affections lightly nor is he an inconstant lover, flitting from affair to affair.

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The Bull chooses his territory, sticks to it, and will happily put out to pasture there until the end of his days. The rampaging Bull cuts a broad swathe through his admirers. Those who are partial to old fashioned manners and like being treated politely flock around the Taurus man. Gentle with his lovers, he is a strong and sensual stud in the bedroom.

Sex is like fine art, to be applied, enjoyed, and perfected. There is no hurry when in bed with a Taurus man.

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He plays his lover like a musical instrument, drawing out the most beautiful notes, and paying attention to their needs and wants. He is generally considered most compatible with Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, and Pisces. See also Sun sign compatibility. However, there is a lot more to compatibility than only the comparison of the Sun signs. For example, how do your Venus signs compare?

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Find out Venus signs here. Discover Venus sign compatibility here. With the bull as his Zodiac sign, you have to know that the Taurus man can be extremely stubborn. On the other hand, this very trait makes him uniquely persistent and the Taurus man will finish what he starts. This gentleman tends to be cautious in life and will keep within his comfort zone. Adventure will be sacrificed for practicality, and stability will win over change. Beneath the composed, easy-going exterior of the Taurus man lays a tenacious temper — when you borrow something, remember to bring it back in the same condition you received it.

The Taurus man enjoys the good life and will make sure that his partner is spoiled to the best of his ability. Investments will be sound choices offering safe returns rather than high-yield, high-risk undertakings. He is forever attracted to things that promise to last.

1. Taurus men can get pretty jealous.

The refined Taurus man will highlight his wardrobe with mauve and pale blues, so you can expect to see silk ties and casual shirts in these colors. Always on top of the fashion scene, the Taurus man enjoys shopping for the latest styles in clothing and shoes.


Top 10 Characteristics Of A Taurus Man In A Relationship

Even though he dresses well and is proud of the way he looks, the Taurus man will rarely flaunt what he has. He buys to please himself. As long as his partner is committed to their relationship, the Taurus man will give himself completely to the success of their union.