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Clear space for abundance to arrive. Goddesses of Growth prefer an open floor plan to play with. Crowded corners are offensive to the deities that want to develop your life. They either leave or increase your clutter. As Jupiter enters your 9th house of travel, adventure, education, and inquiry, you are granted 13 months to explore. This is the time to remove the constraints of time from your fantasy life. Momentarily cast aside conventional thinking about what you can get done in a year.

Jupiter is here to keep you focused on the mystery of the open road that lies before you. It is not your job to assume what any one event will lead to.

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It is only your job to make sure that you are giving yourself access to the optimism needed to stay in the game. Anything is possible if you put yourself on the path you most want to be on. What is the experience you most wish to have over the course of the next year? Envision it now. Use the feeling that this fantasy conjures within you as the framework for your big plans.

If it feels similar, go for it. If it feels denser, more contracted, or restrictive, wait for the next opportunity to appear. Jupiter likes abundance, but the most powerful way to work with this energy is via optimistic discernment. Something tailored to you, eager for you, and ready to work wonders with you. This next year will help you to roll out some incredibly important long-term plans. Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 9th house from late late What did you learn? Where did you travel?

What did you publish, seek, and find to be true for you then? What similar growth spurt are you experiencing now? How is your current exploration, expansion, or learning a continuation of that time? You are wanted. In demand. In need of the right collaborations to complement your current growth trajectory. Like a puzzle piece that fits into a larger picture of mutual success, you are being guided towards the best possible fits for your talents. Do not waste any time trying to become the shape of some other piece.

Over the course of the next 13 months, you will expand through those that you spend the most time with. You will attract to you opportunities for growth through the collaborations you commit to. Study any tendencies you have for self depreciation so severe it severs you from the roads that will get you where you need to be. Study any situation that you find yourself in that stimulates your curiosity and activates your imagination.

You now find and join with the folks that have the assets and resources that you need. Knowing which options to take, and which to pass on, is all the easier when you are equal amounts open and discerning. As Jupiter travels through your 8th house from late through late , it helps you to heal wounds you would have thought previously impossible to address. These healings help you to access a greater wealth of energy from within. Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 8th house from late late What did you develop in collaborations with others? What did this process teach you?

What did you heal around loss and grief, or learn about what your mental health requires? How is your current opportunity picking up on the themes from that time in your life? When the right love finds you, it feels like home. It expands your sense of what is possible. It heals the parts that felt unworthy of attention, affection, and acceptance. Love untangles the knots that self-rejection creates. Love relaxes the system.

It opens up to reciprocity. It allows the past to stay in the past. It welcomes in opportunities and allows us the ability to receive them. Love comes in from every aspect of our lives when we let it. As Jupiter spends the next 13 months exploring your 7th house of committed partnerships, it helps you to grow through the love, kindness, and generosity of others, and through your ability to give the same.

Through the simple act of letting yourself be loved, in platonic or romantic unions, you will make quantum leaps in your life. The more you open to the gifts others are bringing to you, the more you can accept, acknowledge, and appreciate your own. The opportunities that now come to you through your committed partnerships are growth enhancing to say the least. Not every person is right for us in this moment.

You may be outgrowing old relationship dynamics, making it necessary to let some people in your life partner with others more suitable for their situation. Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 7th house from late late What did you develop in and through your committed partnerships during that time business or personal? Who came into your life that taught you something that is still with you? How are your current relationships, and the opportunities that they are bringing you, speaking to the themes from that time in your life?

Growing pains are more pronounced when we become overly attached to any one idea of success. As Jupiter spends the next 13 months in your 6th house of work-projects, work-life, and health issues, it asks you to grow your awareness of the impact of your efforts. Over the course of this transit you will come to appreciate, in great quantities, the possibilities for the projects you are working diligently on.

In order to make the most of this transit, ask yourself how you tend to limit what you work is capable of? What do you need to learn to celebrate, have fun with, and feel more joy doing in your work life and in regards to your responsibilities? At work, everything is important to attend to, but not everything needs to or can be done by you. Make sure that you have the best team, support, and situation possible for yourself and your projects. Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 6th house from late late What did you grow in your work life around that time?

What health issues were you able to heal? What did you begin to develop or pursue in your work that resonates in some way with this moment? How are your current work projects reflecting the themes from that time in your life?

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Creativity thrives on our ability to follow its lead. Its little movements. Its grand overtures. Its edits, and revisions. Its swells and swoons. The creative process is a completely mysterious one. It is to be enjoyed, but never rushed. It is to be listened to, but never harshly judged. It is to be worked with, but never manipulated. Creativity is something that flows more freely when we relax into its rhythm.

Over the course of the next 13 months, Jupiter will teach you many things about having faith in your creative process.

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It will teach you how to drop your shoulder, soften your solar plexus, and allow your intuition to guide you. As Jupiter spends the last part of and almost all of traveling through your 5th house of creative energy, creative projects, children, and romantic partnerships, it will enthusiastically invite you to explore the possibilities of this place in your chart and life. Expanding these areas is more effective when you enjoy the process. Jupiter gets wild when given the chance. Let it show you a good time.

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Let it remove the false notion that you have to suffer for your art. Let it show you that your joy and your beauty is as worthy a part of you to express as is your anger and anguish. Notice who shows up in your life that helps you to heal through the sheer ease of being with them. Notice who brings you pleasure without the pain. Notice who loves you unconditionally and helps you do the same.

Astro Pro-Tip: Jupiter travelled through your 5th house from late late What creative projects, talents or skills did you develop during that time? What role did children or youth play in your life then? What did you learn about yourself through romantic partnerships?

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How are your current romantic relationships and creative projects speaking to the themes from that time in your life? As Jupiter travels through your 4th house, it reminds you that the more you ground, the more you are able to grow. Something urgently awaits your attention in your private life.

Good things want to come to you when you find time to shut out the outside world, even if only for a moment. Make sure that you have enough room to do so. Clear unnecessary clutter from your past. Give the corners of your life more light. Give the rooms you call home more reason to receive the company you wish to keep. Give your internal life as much respect as your external life. Some growth also occurs in your family life. Either you gain an extra member or two, or you gain good ground in regards to the healing work you engage with.

Whatever issues historically come up between you and your parents or family members wants to be resolved to some degree. With greater ease than usual, you are granted the gift of understanding what may have been unacceptable about your past. You might not dissolve all the issues that have left a bad taste in your mouth, but you may feel absolved of having to solve a situation that has no solution. Do what you can to lay down the burdens that are not yours to heal. Over the course of this transit, you will be granted the ability to give yourself more space to be. More space to take up.

More space to relax and recharge your batteries. Astro Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 4th house from late late What grew in your home and family life during that time? What were you able to heal in your family? How is your current home and family life going through a similar healing or expansion? As Jupiter begins its journey through your 3rd house, it gradually enhances the scope of your reach. As your daily life and activities increase, your messages become more widely spread.

And in demand. Your writing projects get promotions. Your teaching opportunities multiply. Your contacts bring you an overflow of opportunities to put out your messages, stories, and songs to the world. Wherever you go, folks want to know you, talk to you, and exchange info with you.

Make sure you are communicating as clearly as you can. The next year promises to quote, reference, and cite what you say more frequently than usual. Slow down enough to think through what you are putting out into the world. Jupiter will also gift your close friendships with a growth spurt. The good friends, siblings, cousins, and extended family members that you make an effort to stay in touch with will teach you much about the power of your attention. Nurture your neighborhood. Be generous with the folks that are right beside you.

Extend yourself out to all the people in your orbit that you feel called to cultivate a connection with. This year you expand through each sincere interaction that you have. There is no wasted trip to the store or chat with the mail person.

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Each time you connect, you add a string to your community web. Something that, by the end of , will be strong enough for you to fall back on. Pro-tip: Jupiter travelled through your 3rd house from late late Which of your communication projects went through an expansion at that time? What were you able to heal with your siblings, members of your extended family, or close friends? How are your current communication projects and relationships going through a similar healing or expansion? What were you able to grow for yourself over the past year?

What faith in your own abilities did you expand into? What depth were you able to travel to without fear of drowning? What did you learn about rising up repeatedly, reislliently, and joyfully? Learning that your joy is a power to be worked with is a potent protection. Wear it always. Share it often. As Jupiter leaves Scorpio in early November , it spends the next 13 months in your 2nd house exploring the resources that sustain you.

Your talents become magnified. Your ability to apply them to your work becomes easier than it has been in some time. Your Midas touch is something to honor and work with as consciously as you can. Unencumbered by altruism, love, shame or kindness, the Centaurs only wanted to consume or destroy everything around them, in the same way any animal without a natural enemy will destroy its own habitat. Probably all Sagittarians, at the start, want to follow the career route of Chiron , a reject Centaur who became a healer, savior and one of the gods due to his wisdom and sacrifice.

Sagittarians want the kind of love that heroes get, by any means necessary. A lot of famous and driven people turn out to be this sign. They can never stop because they are never satisfied with themselves. Sagittarius is the animal in its most elevated form: the human.

They won't be fulfilled until they are given the respect they crave. And that has to come from the rest of the world. They have to get us to believe them, their raw intelligence and heartfelt devotion. If we can believe, they can believe. The runner, the jumper, the true believer—hot tempered Sagittarians are aiming at us, to teach, woo, inspire, challenge, to triumph over our ignorance--whatever it takes to get their voice heard.

Sooner or later, they are bound to injure our feelings. Don't blame the Sagittarius; they're just doing their duty to the higher calling, and they will try anything to be relevant. The struggle for a Sagittarius is never over, they are tireless workers and fighters for their version of the truth—even if it hurts, and even if it isn't true. Incidentally, Angelina Jolie, his partner, is a sexy sidereal Taurus female, whose down-to-Earth sexiness and home-body aesthetic make this a good love match. They think big. Born leaders, the Sagittarius is our hero.

Sagittarius is an admitted hero-worshiper too; they need to look up to and to aspire to greatness. Inspiration and optimism are the name of the game, what Sagittarius lives for, and for which it will gladly die. The life of a Sagittarius is the proliferation of his beliefs, a beacon of hope.

The grave danger is that fear of failure can drive them into despotism. Stalin murdered and tortured millions of his own citizens, singlehandedly crushing everything the original Russian Bolshevik revolution had accomplished, using the vernacular of the revolution.

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He "waved the red flag to destroy it. Sagittarians are fiery people, they are burning up in a furious rate, whether like a hot coal, or a white-blue flame. They bodies need carbohydrates. If their bodies burn protein, it will burn imperfectly, leaving behind acidic residues that will come out through the sweat glands, burning the skin. Pernicious bacteria will then enter and cause infections and acne. Sagittarius, while no means the only sign, suffers from heart problems partly because of how hard they drive themselves, and partly from a diet that is high in purines, and produces excess uric acid.

Sagittarius will meet a early death, or suffer infirmities if they persist in a diet they select with the taste-buds of a child. With a good, high-roughage diet, your fats can be ignited into hot-blooded energy. The adult Sagittarius will have to face this core issue of necessary nutrition. It won't go away! Because I don't want anybody to know my identity. I'm like a superhero. Call me Basketball Man. The thighs; the Gluteus Maximus, the largest muscles in the body; your two galloping horses. Your sign is born to run, play! Hypoglycemia is the ruin of a good pair of legs.

Sagittarians have to make sure that their glucose levels are stable, and their sources of carbohydrates are clean burning and long lasting. Sagittarius males and females are subject to water retention. You can go out there and say anything you want about me, But you will love me later because I told you the truth. Blige , sidereal Sagittarius, born Jan. The only female singer with real hiphop cred, Blige has extended her soulful appeal to all genres.

She is a recipient of nine Grammy Awards and four American Music Awards, and has recorded eight multi-platinum albums. More Sagittarius Quotes. Problem Zones All pain is muscle pain. Sagittarians are like one big muscle. Muscle injury can take the wind out of a Sagittarius, even make them forsake their characteristic indomitable courage. Muscles need care and feeding like other organs. If time is your number one medicine to heal muscle injury, then, Vitamin E is your number two. Inherent Strengths Boundless energy, quick recovery. You are an inspiration.

Sagittarius is an intoxicating mix of the sexual power of the beast and the worldly vision of the philosopher. No one can corral you except for yourself. Your life is one long search for personal and societal independence. Freedom or death! A tiny, bright comet whizzes through space like a fractal freak of nature. Breaking away from the deep space cordon of the centaur asteroid belt, this icy rock spins on its wild path alone, not yet captured by any planet. Watch Out! Beware the hidden enemies: foods high in purines, fats and sugars.

Your swollen kidneys, rough skin; water retention, body odor are all signs of too much fatty meats, starchy pasta, unhealthy white flour, pernicious sugar and dairy, all of which rotten remains resonate through your every pore.