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This synonym--Panchasyam -- shows that the sign is intended to represent the five Brahmas -- viz. The second synonym shows it to be Narayana , the Jivatma or Pratyagatma. The Sukarahasy Upanishad will show that the ancient Aryan philosophers looked upon Narayana as the Jivatma. But as an Advaiti, I look upon Jivatma as identical with Paramatma in its real essence when stripped of its illusory attributes created by Agnanam or Avidya--ignorance.

The Jivatma is correctly placed in the fifth sign counting from Mesham, as the fifth sign is the putrasthanam or the son's house according to the rules of Hindu Astrology. The sign in question represents Jivatma -- the son of Paramatma as it were. I may also add that it represents the real Christ, the anointed pure spirit, though many Christians may frown at this interpretation.

The elements or entities that have merely a potential existence in this sign become distinct separate entities in the next three signs. Their union into a single entity leads to the destruction of the phenomenal universe, and the recognition of the pure Spirit and their separation has the contrary effect.

Mars Yogakaraka Leo Lagna

It leads to material earth-bound existence and brings into view the picture gallery of Avidya Ignorance or Maya Illusion. If the real orthography of the name by which the sign in question is indicated is properly understood, it will readily be seen that the next three signs are not what they ought to be. The Jiv-atma in the Microcosm man is the same spiritual essence which animates the Macrocosm universe , the differentiation, or specific difference between the two Jivatmas presenting itself but in the two states or conditions of the same and one Force. Hence,"this son of Paramatma" is an eternal correlation of the Father-Cause.

Purusha manifesting himself as Brahma of the"golden egg"and becoming Viradja--the universe.

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We are"all born of Aditi from the water" Hymns of the Maruts, X. Heart and Spine The spine Singha encases the primary antenna of the human body, which is the kundalini channel in its physical and non-physical dimensions. Information triangulates from the human heart to the galactic sun, and from the galactic sun to Surya, and from Surya to the human heart.

Surya the Sun of Earth is a receiver station for the information streams which emit from the huge black hole of the galactic sun. Surya is the primary radiator of information to Earth and its beings. Surya is the fountainhead of consciousness. When Surya is strong in Simha or in Mesha, self-confidence or self-righteousness can be brilliantly charismatic because the Simha channel is surging with radiance. When Simha enjoys inhabitants that are compatible with Surya such as friendly Guru or friendly Mangala, then the intelligence channel is favored by expansion Guru or dynamic energy Mangala.

It can't be organized or regulated. It isn't true that everybody should follow one path. Listen to your own truth. General Suitability of Gems for Simha Lagna. During Budha bhukti s, gems are not recommended - do Seva to increase your gains. Check bhava-8 before wearing a pukhraj. Exceptions are caused by the position of Chandra, the active Vimshottari time lords, and the native 's personal goals inter alia. An exchange of Rashi between Karma's Lord and Lagna's Lord will make the native associated with the king in a great manner.

They will confer high position, reputation and power. Numerous temporary friendships with commercial and administrative team-mates; yet these are not deep. Often Simha enjoys a friendly and gainful relationship with the spouse of one's own eldest child 11 as well.

Leo Ascendant, rising sign or Simha Lagna

One may become a great exponent of divine intelligence e. On the down side leo or simha rashi people could be jealous , impatient and restless.

Leo Ascendant, Leo rising sign, Simha Lagna, ascendants

They might have love to move in jungles or where one has more trees or green mountains. Ruling the stomach region, just below the chest weakness in sun or a malefic placement in this sign could cause stomach troubles and yes issues in kidneys and eyes.

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Rheumatism is one of the problems they have to deal with. So the person could be a bit towards reddish if sun is strong. The eyes could be honey colored, the body squarish,he or she could have clean habits, bile temperament hot , would be smart and less hair like the lion in the jungles. Generally the bones would be strong.

The person with Leo ascendant gains health by moving southwards. What is the status of various planets for the Leo sign or simha rashi person? The second bhava or house lord for Leo sign is Virgo sign kanya rashi ruled by mercury is a great friend of Leo sign and helps it to express itself well. Also it is surrounded by at one end by Tula rashi or Libra sign, which is not a friend of Leo, so over all any weakness for women or some excess luxury or sex could cause issues to the Leo sign guy.

The third house lord is Libra Tula rashi ruled by planet Venus this could give them some success in initiatives to do with Venus that is things to do with the art and creativity and arts or fine arts. The fifth house lord is Sagittarius dhanu rashi the lord of creativity and luck for Leo simha rashi people and is a great friend of Leo sign so children would in general be in harmony with the Leo guy and thinking would be towards convention or dharma.

Good and bad planets for Leo Ascendant / Simha Lagna

Unless the planet are weak and afflicted. The sixth bhava lord is Saturn Capricorn sign or makar rashi and is a harsh enemy of sun, so Leo people if Saturn is either very weak or very strong will have good amount of people who oppose them. The seventh house lord is Saturn Aquarius again that is in opposition to the Leo sign so there could be strong issues in partnerships and with life partner if Saturn is afflicted.

This includes issues with husband wife or lover. The eight house lord is Pisces and is ruled by Jupiter again this is a blessed sign so people with Leo sign or simha rashi may love long life if Jupiter is strong enough for them as this is their longevity lord also they may again from inheritances.

The ninth bhava lord is mars Aries sign , if strong gives a strong and action oriented father and action oriented approach to religion. The tenth house or carer lord is Venus Taurus this is arch enemy of sun the lord of Leo so one may face loss of position many times if with Leo sign. The eleventh bhava lord is mercury Gemini and is a good friend of Leo so would give good gains from friends for Leo is mercury or budha is not combust. The twelfth house lord is again cancer or karkat rashi, this could give fluidity or changes in connection to foreign lands.

The nakshatra star for Donald trump is magha nakshatra in the Leo sign. Besides this, it will also act a safeguard against financial losses and comfortable stay in foreign lands. Generally, Leo Ascendant people like to work independently and thus, prefer to be in business, entrepreneurship.

Even in job they are best comfortable working with some authority under their desk. Mercury and Venus are vulnerable to be combust. And, if the union is taking place in bad houses sixth, eighth or twelfth house — this may result into a much struggled life without stability in overall matters. The aspect of Jupiter is, however, capable of reducing the inauspicious influence to some good extent. Being lord of sixth and seventh houses; Saturn is a Maraka planet; and when badly disposed — it may cause problems in married life like separation, legal disputes or divorce.

A well disposed Saturn having auspicious planetary influences, specifically that of Jupiter and Sun may give success in politics as well as make you victorious over your enemies. The relationship of Moon with Saturn is not auspicious at all. This may cause emotional setbacks, troubled married life, health issues most likely related to blood, bones, and skin , financial losses mainly due to cheating, theft and speculation , anxiety issues, suicidal tendencies specifically when the Sun is also badly disposed , and trouble to mother or troubled relationship with mother.

The best placement of Nodes Rahu and Ketu takes place when one of these is in either fifth or ninth house under auspicious planetary influences.

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The union or relationship of Nodes with Mercury, Venus and Saturn is often observed to be causing trouble in personal and social life. Generally, Leo ascendant people are inclined towards promoting and supporting others; and they love to be treated as guardian and a well disposed Jupiter and Mercury may give boost to this aspect. You may be a philanthropist, if there is an union of Jupiter and Mercury in twelfth house, and may like to be in social activities quite often.

Professional sectors related to Administration, Education, Politics, Social Services, Religion, Army or police, manufacturing, construction and transport are comparatively more suitable for you. A well placed and strong Venus may also bless you with success in entertainment, fashion and media. The best part of being born in Leo Ascendant is being able to supervise and administer things quite effectively.

It may be comparatively easier for you to have good command and control over people working under your supervision; and you may also be able to identify efficient and dedicated people. In addition to this, you may also be a trustworthy person willing to sacrifice for keeping your commitments. Generally, the success and reputation earned by Leo Ascendant people is mostly enjoyed by the people around them; and they are also more inclined towards giving and supporting others.

The lordship of Jupiter and Moon over fifth and twelfth houses respectively is the primary reason behind this. The weak part of your personality and nature is being arrogant and susceptible to flattery. And, if the Sun is also badly disposed; the vulnerability may be quite prominent.

Sun enters Scorpio

You may like to impress others; and may also be a self-praising personality. The influence of Jupiter either via aspect of via union is capable of keeping this attitude under control. Another weakness is that you may not like to work under subordination and may feel uncomfortable when someone else try to encroach upon your authority. During similar circumstances; you may tend to react aggressively and may not like to give any opportunity to the other person for any reasonable explanation. Even occasional drinking habits should be avoided. Besides this, good care and caution should also be exercised while taking medicines; and, you should avoid taking medicine without proper medical consultation. Decisions taken during inebriated state are more likely to pose threats in your life.